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About us

Born in 2020, in the heart of London, the moccy moo journey has begun.

With a trendy, natural warm style from South Africa & a chic simplicity from Scandinavia we’re the duo behind our timelessly on-trend brand of baby must-haves for the modern mama.

Moccy moo represent more than just the products we sell: It’s the excitement in your friends voice as she’s telling you about it, your first impression when you hop online to have a look for yourself, that little smile you make as you first introduce one of our items into the world of your new little baby…. It's those moccy moo moments.

Meticulously curated, and full of love, moccy moo has all the baby-essentials you need. With our tweaks & touches, we’ve made practical, stylish.  

Whether you’re putting together a gift box for a friend or treating yourself to some exciting  new products, all of our items come beautifully packaged & sealed with a bow of course!

Time with our little ones goes so quickly and we can never quite believe how they manage to grow right before our eyes. We hope that even through the chaos of all those day to day tasks, when you grab for that product to help in what you’re doing, it’s a moccy moo, and that it puts an extra smile on your face knowing you’re wrapping your baby in the finest quality & the cutest design.

We hope you’re just as excited as we are.

Here’s to your #moccymoomoments 

We are proud to announce that you can also purchase some of moccy moo's bestselling items at Jewel Street

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